Jan 22 (Wed): The Diet session started, all opposition parties inquired the prime minister’s responsibility / 961 vehicles delivered soil/sand in Awa and Shiokawa.

The Diet session finally started for inquiring into the responsibility of Prime Minister Abe. There are a lot of issues to be pursued; “appropriateness of some invitations to the cherry-blossom viewing event”, “bribery regarding IR (Integrated Resort)”, “no explanation on the misconduct of the rsigned cabinet members” and “no Diet approval on overseas deployment of the Self-Defense Force”. The Diet will provide an opportunity for the opposition parties to come together to attack Prime Minister Abe who has been squirming his way out of explaining at the Diet since last year. More falsification and hiding of official documents were found, and almost 80% of the public are “not satisfied” with the prime minister who does nothing about the corrupted members of the ruling party but allowing them to be unaccountable.
To stop breakdown of democracy in this country, a thorough grilling on Prime Minister Abe should be made at this session of the Diet to nail down his inability to be responsible. How blessed it would be if this session of the Diet were the beginning of “the end of Abe Regime”! His resignation is the key to stop the construction of the new military base in Okinawa

(In front of Camp Schwab Gate)
Thirty-five members of “Akebono-kai”, an association of retired female teachers in Fukushima Prefecture, came to the “in front of the gate” for the first time. Ms. Yoshie Ikeda, the representative, expressed a sense of crisis, saying “9 years have already passed since occurrence of the nuclear accident in Fukushima, but the information on Fukushima is not correctly conveyed. On the contrary, Fukushima is politically abused under the banner of Reconstruction Olympics.” She pointed out the fact that there are still “No Trespassing Zones” and that the farm products of Fukushima are still boycotted owing to harmful rumors regardless of safety assured by tests. She added vehemently that, as well as in Okinawa, we should not leave any negative legacies to our children. Observing the protestors in front of the gate, she said, “I was moved to tears. Okinawans are risking their lives in protest. We have not yet risked enough.” At noon, 100 citizens including Akebono-kai members, staged a sit-in for the protest in front of the gate. 180 vehicles, including concrete mixer trucks, delivered the material in three times in the morning and afternoon.


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
About 30 citizens continued the protest both at the entrance and the exit of the pier. The protestors could not stop as many entries of dump trucks to the pier as they hoped. Several trucks entered the gate at every “go” traffic light because they came from both directions of the road. In spite of that, the protestors marched persistently in front of the entrance so that the deliveries would be delayed wherever possible. Meanwhile, at the exit, the protestors together with the members of GoGo Drive campaign, delayed the dump trucks traffic. The deliveries continued until 19:00pm, and soil/sand of 626 truckloads were loaded to a carrier.
On the sea, 10 canoes and two rafts stuck to the carrier and delayed its departure by almost one hour. All members were taken by the coast guard officers to the beach. The members headed to the sea also in the afternoon and delayed the second carrier’s departure by 40 minutes.

(In front of Shiokawa Pier at Motobu-Town)
Moving from place to place, about 10 protestors delayed the deliveries by dump trucks. Trying to stop the work, GoGo Drive members entered the pier gound for the first time, but the police immediately warned them and chased them out. Deliveries of 335 dump trucks were loaded to the carriers, and 2 carriers left the pier.

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