report on August 20-To demonstrate against Henoko US base even with no sign of dumping dirt

(in front of the gate)-60 people started sitting down against US base at 9 am to demonstrate against Henoko US base in spite of no trucks dumping dirt, which showed a strong will of the people against US base. 1506 days have already passed since people sat down. There were 80 people sitting down this day. The sheet covered over the tent was taken down because of the coming typhoon, which was the fifth time of the year. I know this is in-discrete, but I wish big typhoon hit Okinawa when they are under construction of the base, hoping the wind blows away the whole base along with the embankment, wondering such silly wish must be wished only here in Henoko.


(action for the protest on the sea)-There was no protest on the sea because the wave was too rough due to the coming typhoon. The people worked on tying their boats all day.