Aug18 – I have a dream,we have a dream

report of August 18-(in front of the gate)-the last day of 3 day-anti-US base-demonstration.150 people started sitting down to demonstrate at 8:30 am.Despite of the intense heat, the people shared great joy cheering with each other with singing and dancing for the postponed land reclamation. There was a big horizontal banner to protest against new US base in Henoko on the sidewalk, which said,’ You are a criminal with 4 sins, ignoring democracy, destroying nature along with the whole living lives, destroying the environment, and building a base where is to be taught how to kill others. The people marched to the main gate calling for NO US-BASE. About 320 people gathered to greet to each other at the tent-mura which was made for the people gathering for anti-US base demonstration at noon. There were many words written by the people praying for the late prefectual governor Onaga on a flag in the tent. In the center of the flag the word by Pastor King was seen, which said, ‘I have a dream, we have a dream.’



(anti-US base action on the sea) People did a protest on 3 boats and 15 canoes only in the morning. The number of the people from Okinawa and the mainland was about 50. There was no land reclamation thanks to the coming typhoon.