August 30th: A Sudden Appearance of a Craft of the U.S.Forces

(In front of the Gate)
At 9:00am, approximately 20 people started sit-in in front of the Gate. In response to the last night’s news that Mr. Tamaki Denny officially declared his candidacy as the next governor, many people spoke up in support for Mr. Tamaki. “Tamaki for Governor to stop the new base construction!”
Three students from the mainland on summer vacation joined around noon and spoke.
“We want more young people to be aware of the issue of Henoko.”
The picture below shows a landing craft of the U.S.Forces. Two crafts showed on August 17th when dumping landfill soil was scheduled to take place. Landing crafts always show up when a major action takes place in the process of the new base construction. The appearance of a craft is a mere show-off? Or a silent threat to the protest movement?