September 2 – Official Announcement of Nago-City Assembly Election

This was the day Nago-City Assembly Election was officially announced. Many journalists came to Nago, the city of attention with the very issue of the new military base construction. This election, without doubt, is vitally important having the influence over the Gubernatorial Election, soon to take place in the end of the same month, the result of which, will affect the future of Okinawa and Japan. Those who were usually siting-in in Gate-mae were now busy with election campaign; some were driving the election campaign vehicles and others putting up the campaign posters. At 3pm, Mr. Denny Tamaki, the candidate for the Gubernatorial election, held a campaign meeting together with Nago-City Assembly candidate, in front of JA in Nago. The audience was approximately 500 in number, . “These are not just the election we want to win nor the election we would like to be won, but these are the elections we just cannot lose,” said the speech moderator. When Mr. Tamaki said “I will not budge even an inch about Henoko. I shall definitely continue with the will of the dimised Onaga-san (previous governor),” the audience gave a big clap. Campaign time is short. There is only one week before city assembly election and only one month before gubernatorial election.