Sept. 3rd: Nation-wide Singing Association sing “Give Back Okinawa”

In Henoko, supporters are continuing to arrive from many places in Japan even after the construction works are stopped after the revocation of the permit. The national-level public-opinion poll indicates that those who are against the construction of the new military base in Henoko reached to more than half. It may be that Japanese public’s critical attitude toward Abe Government because of the repeated lies, and falsification and forgery of the government document has influenced the way the public look at the forceful execution of the new-base construction. Around 9 am, temperature is already reached to 30 degree; still, about 40 persons sat in front of the Gate. Around lunch time, 40 members of “Zenkoku Utagoe Kyogikai” (Nation-wide Singing Association) arrived and sang “Aoi Sora” (The Blue Sky), “Okinawa wo Kaese” (Give Back Okinawa) and others. Professor(s) and students from Waseda University also visited for interview. Today the sit-in was adjourned after the noon, and they went to join the election campaign.