Jan. 24 (Thu): A Pink Group from Korea Came to Support Us

(In front of the Gate)
Nineteen members of “Omoni (mother in Korean) for Peace” organized in Korea 4 years ago visited with us. They joined us in our sit-in and called aloud in Japanese.
“No more war!”
“Take away arms!”
They were pulled out one by one from the sit-in as we were. Mothers’ wish for peace is universal. If the Korean Peninsula were in peace, there would be no need to have a military base in Henoko, which we conveyed to them and thank them for their support. The number of truck deliveries reached 243 for the day.


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier)
Only 10 people, a large reduction from yesterday, joined the protest demonstration. Walking slowly with Okinawan music and the songs from 1990s, we protested. Could we touch the heart of the Defense Bureau staff and the truck drivers who were desperate in delivering landfill soil and sand?
In the afternoon, a group of ladies gaudily dressed in pink came from Korea to cheer us. Korean mothers are full of vigor. By the gate to the Pier and on the beach, they protested hanging a message on their chest “Asia is in peace now, no need for armed forces”.
The number of truckloads of soil and sand delivered today was 652.


(On the sea)
Three boats and 11 canoes were out on the sea to protest. They moved around to stop the carrier boats that came into the Ohura Bay and called out aloud appealing through megaphone.
“The sea is dying!”
“Do not crush the sea!”

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