Jan. 26 (Sat): Kick-Off Toward the Prefectural Referendum “To Corner Abe Administration by Overwhelming No to the New Military Base”

(In front of the Gate)
The Prefectural referendum on the new military base in Henoko will be carried out on February 24, and “the kick-off meeting for the Prefectural referendum” was held in front of the Gate of the Camp Schwab. In a drizzle rain, approximately 2000 people gathered to show their enthusiasm for the referendum. Five Diet members from Okinawa, and members of prefecture assemblies and various groups joined the Okinawa municipal assembly members. They waved flags high. The members of the Diet gave strong speeches.
“Let us get overwhelming number of NO votes so that we can crush Abe Administration.”
“A vote gives 3 choices, but the choice of Okinawans is one and clear. Let Uchinanchu unite and confront the US Government.”
No truckload delivery was made through the Gate nor to the Pier in Awa.

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