Dec. 16 (Mon): A banner says “Taiwanese, Koreans, and Chinese are Okinawan’s friends” / Forty citizens delayed deliveries of earth/sand in Shiokawa

Landfill works had been suspended in the latter part of the last week because most of the riot police was deployed to guard Akishinomiya (the emperor’s brother) who attended the arboriculture fest held in Itoman City. This was the 2nd time that the landfill works were stopped due to an event involving the imperial family, the 1st event being the enthronement ceremony held in October. “I welcome imperial events and ceremonies, if they could suspend the construction works,” said one of the protestors.

Two banners written in Taiwanese and Korean, were put up along the national highway in Awa and Shiokawa. We, Okinawa Peace Support, made them for Taiwanese, Koreans, and Chinese who pass here by sightseeing bus on their way to Chura-Umi Acquarium. We printed appeals and QR code on the banners to invite them to our web site.
“No US military base in East Asia / Taiwanese, Koreans, and Chinese are Okinawan’s friends! / Enjoy your stay in Okinawa!”
“72% of the referendum votes opposed the new US base / Tell your friends about our fight in Okinawa!”
The issue of US military bases in Okinawa is directly connected to the peace in East Asia. We sincerely hope that more visitors will learn the problems that Okinawans face and share awareness that the new US base in Henoko is not a limited issue to Okinawa but it affects peace in East Asia..

(In front of Camp Schwab Gate)
Mr. Au Long Yu and his group of 13 people who have been active in protest movement in Hong Kong visited the sit-in protest in front of Camp Schwab Gate and the canoe protest on the sea. They mailed to the members of their SNS group a short movie that depicts the riot police forcibly removing the sit-in protestors in front of the Gate. They were surprised by how clear and beatiful the Oura Bay is and how large the new base site is. Mr. Au Long Yu pointed out “non violence and oppression” as the similarity that Hong Kong and Okinawa share, Hong Kong from China and Okinawa from the governments of Japan and US. It is important, he said, that the protest movement must be continued in non violence and through elections to show the will of the people.
The total of 160 truckloads a majority of which was concrete mix was delivered today.

(On the sea in Oura Bay)
A quiet day with calm wind and waves. One boat and 8 canoes went out on the sea to protest. Observed were transfer of the earth/sand from cargo ships to barges and the earth/sand unloaded at K8 and K9 seawalls were dumped into the planned landfill area. All canoe members were captured by the Japan Coast Guard on their way to protest at the landfill sites, and brought back to the beach.

(In front of Ryukyu Cement pier in Awa)
Although the number of protestors was small, we rallied at both entrance and exit of the pier all day. GoGo Drive Campaign members with 8 vehicles joined us, and together we delayed the trucking operation. A 5m high mound of earth/sand in the stock yard within the pier grounds was lowered by the works carried out during the week-end.
The total of 607 truckloads of earth/sand was loaded to the cargo ships, and three cargo ships left for Oura Bay.


(In front of Shiokawa Pier in Motobu Town)
Deliveries of earth/sand started a bit after 7:00 a.m. Five 5 protestors had been standing in front of the trucks to block the traffic until 9:20 a.m. when the riot police arrived. Additional 30 people joined the protest and tried to block the dump truck coming into the pier grounds. Approximately 40 citiens vs. 40 members of the riot police force, the pier grounds went wild.
Although 238 truckloads were delivered, if not protested, the number of deliveries would have been more than twice. It was a great success!
Four puppies were taking a walk with their mother dog in the pier parking lot. They relaxed the tense protest scene.


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