July 20 developments: Sit-in in front of the Okinawa Prefectural Government Offices

(In front of the gate)
As a precaution against the approaching typhoon, no vehicle deliveries of materials took place.
Today was the final day of the sit-in in front of the prefectural government offices demanding the withdrawal of the prefectural governor’s approval. Approximately 80 people joined the protest in strong winds caused by the approaching typhoon. The total number of participants (including repeat participants) in the protests which started on July 15 was 590. During this period, speeches were given by former members of the diet, former judges, and university professors explaining the necessity of immediately withdrawing approval.

(Marine activities)
Work dumping gravel was seen at the part of the seawall that was closed on July 19. It is thought to be a protective measure against the typhoon.