Sept. 18th: A Visit by Students and Professors from Waseda University

(In front of the Gate)
At 9:00am, 15 people started sit-in before the Gate. The students and the professors of Waseda University, a total of 8, joined the gathering, and the number of participants increased to 40 at the Tent. The students earnestly listened to the latest status report made by Mr. Yamashiro Hiroharu, the leader of the “in front of the Gate” point. The gathering was adjourned before noon to join the election campaign.
Making an appeal to voters for support for the gubernatorial candidate Mr. Tamaki Deny, a caravan launched on campaigning in Naha yesterday. A tape of Mr. Tamaki singing was aired on TV. Voters were invited to show their support by pasting seals to the campaign policy per policy item, and promotional leaflets were distributed. Response by young people is good. Let’s keep it up and reach out throughout Okinawa.
Successful involvement of the youth and the no-party-affiliates would determine the outcome of the election. Although more elderly gather in front of the Gate now, more youth will be reached and join us through various ways of approach.

The picture above shows Ohura Bay after the floats having been removed due to revocation of the permit. This is how the Bay should always look.

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