Movement on July 26 – Protesters exclusion by the Defense Bureau agent

(In front of the gate)
50 people were sit down front of Henoko gate to try to hinder the vehicles delivering materials, but they were removal by riot police. Dulling the time one of the people who sit down at the gate got the poor physical condition to went to the hospital.
Today sit-in was conducted by approximately 70 people. but tracks were reach to 427.

(demonstration on the sea)
13 people, on 2 boats and on 7 canoes, did the protest at the Oura bay In the morning. Being put concrete blocks in the ocean at the shore was identified.

(At Shiokawa Port; departure for quarrying to be filled up)
At 7:30AM, 21 people started the protest to the track driver at the quarrying to be filled up (Motobu). at the result the tracks got an hour behind before live the filled up place. usually 4 to 5 riot police were there, but today they increase to more than 40 people to did removal the protestants. It was clearly performed ultra vires act. After that protestants were continue to did protest but scores of riot police were removed them. The mount of quarrying were got to 192 trucks. It was largest number of trucks ever.