report on July 30-No traffic control by the police and thrown rocks into the ocean

( in front of gate ) About 30 people sat down to stop the dump trucks with sediment to go through the gate at 8:30 in the morning, and 40 riot police forcibly removed one person after another. The number of the people gathered there was 40. The number of the dump trucks was 478. The dump trucks with sediment went through the gate three times. It was a bad traffic with 100 dump trucks jammed on the road, but the police didn’t do traffic control at all. Instead, they announced with a loud speaker in the car that the people sitting down in front of the gate created the jam. They did not mention anything about the trucks.


(protest on the ocean) 25 people on the 2 ship and on 7 canoes did protest at Oura bay in the morning. Pebbles thrown into the ocean was identified. The pebbles are used to strengthen the bank. Smashed rocks were to be thrown at the rest of K4 section, which was about 40 meter-long.