report on July 31-crushed pebbles are continued to be thrown into the ocean as an embankment

(in front of the gate) It is extremely hot even in the morning. About 30 people sat down in two lines to demonstrate in a small space between the gate and the street. 40 riot police forcibly removed one after another and completed their removal in just 15 minutes to push them into an iron fence. 174 trucks went through the gate at 9 am,149 trucks at noon, 150 trucks at 3 pm. Most of the trucks were dumps and concrete mixers. we will fight against the construction of US base. We will NEVER give up fighting for peace.


(report on the sea) 21 people on 2 ships and 11 canoes did a protest. The two local newspaper companies get on the ship every day to cover the news, the construction of embankment. Crushed pebbles has been continued to be thrown into the ocean. The embankment is almost finished. I wonder how the people would keep throwing crushed pebbles under the bright sun, into the beautiful ocean, killing sea-life. Don’t they feel guilty killing the sea-life?