August 9th: The Morning After the Death of Governor Onaga

(In front of the gate)
The news of Governor Onaga’s sudden death last night spread fast, and grief has covered all over Okinawa.
The morning after his death, many protestors in front of the gate were dressed in black. Three hundred and fifty persons gathered, far more than the number of persons usually gather. After confirming that no landfill material is scheduled to be brought in for the day, the protestors marched in front of the gate. Slogans in chorus were repeated strongly.
“Succeed Governor Onaga’s will to block construction of the new base!”
“Thank you, Governor Onaga! Rest in peace!”
From 4:00pm, a protest meeting was held in front of the North Highway Office in Nago City. Approximately 150 persons demanded to know why some obstacles are placed in front of the gate. The meeting with the Chief of the Highway Office, which was promised in the previous week, was demanded to obtain the answer. The Highway Office has no obligation to Okinawa Defense Bureau and no right to make pedestrian walks narrower.

(Action on sea water)
Two vessels, 17 canoes, and a total of 35 persons participated in the protest demonstration. Learning the Governor Onaga’s sudden death last night, all wore mourning band and silently held up placards in protest.
The protesters confirmed that leveling the top of the seawall and setting up barbed wire fence were in progress. In offshore, approximately 10 amphibious vehicles of Marine Corp were training to board onto a landing ship.