August 28 – Speech by Hiroji Yamashiro

( in front of the gate) Rain fell on and off. 10 people sat down for protest at 9 am. Sudden rain moved them into the tent. Each one of them had a microphone to talk what they were thinking about the Henoko new US base. Mr.gatemae was seen talking passionately, ‘ we shall never let the base constructed. It is a matter of human rights and democracy. We are fighting for our lives, in that sense, it is a matter to not only Okinawan but all Japanese people. We need all their support.’ The construction of the amusement facilities in the base has been stopped. All of the cost for the base is paid with the tax on Japanese. Imagining Marine corps is having fun in the amusement facilities constructed by the tax on Japanese makes me mad.

( protest on the sea)-keeping an eye on the seawall on 2 protest boats. There was no sign for the construction.