Oct. 2: A Request to the Office of National Highways

(In front of the Gate)
A half day was spent to re-pitch the tent taken away as a countermeasure against the typhoon that passed through a few days ago. However, another typhoon is expected to come on the day after tomorrow.

At 1:30pm, approximately 10 of us left the Tent to make a protest to the Office of National Highways that the make-shift gate of iron fences for construction vehicles and equipment be removed immediately because Okinawa Prefectural Government had revoked the permit for reclamation. In addition, we insisted that some fences were broken by the previous typhoon and that the remaining fences are unstable. They pose a risk of incurring damages by the strong wind of the coming typhoon. A staff of the Office of National Highways was very evasive in responding the request.
We told the Office that we would be back on the following day, and adjourned for the day.

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