October 22 – 80 People Celebrated the Victory of Mayoral Election!

Following the victory of mayor of Naha last night, everyone gathered in front of the Gate was beaming with joy. The elections in the Prefecture continuing from the Governor’s Election now have three consecutive wins. It has been proven that Okinawans are against the construction of the new base.
By around 10 o’clock, joined by 13 participants from Naha, the tent was filled with 80 people. In celebration of election victory, the gathering sang a lot of songs and danced Kachashi (a traditional Okinawan dance).

Around1:30 pm after the rally was dismissed for the day, the information came that two trucks loaded with sea-floats were heading for Henoko. 8 people gathered in front of the Gate and waited to stop the trucks to enter the Gate. It is illegal to proceed with construction at this stage because the permit revocation by the Prefectural Government is in effect. We waited for several hours, but the trucks did not show up. The driver may have received the instruction fro

m the Base. He might enter in the early dawn.
US military vehicles have again defiled the public roads due to oil leaks. These incidents have happened so many times. The photos show American soldiers cleaning the road.

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