Oct. 23: Futenma Elementary School as if in a Battle Field Everyday

(In front of the Gate)
The sun was strong as if the summer were back. At 9:00am, 15 people resumed sit-in. We were relieved to learn that a truck loaded with floats was not for the Camp Schwab but for the construction work along the Kin Town Bay. About 11:00am, approximately 40 people gathered in the Tent including those who came from the mainland.
In last December, a big helicopter of Futenma US Base dropped a window that weighed 7.7kg onto the ground of the Second Futenma Elementary School. A report to follow-up on the incidence was made that the school children take shelter into the school building to avoid the big helicopters that resumed their flights over the school from the day after the incidence for the period of 6 months now, in spite of the strong request made by Futenma citizens to the US base administration that the flights be halted. During the 6 month period, the number of times that the children took refuge into the school building was 527 times, and sometimes the number per day went up to 40. Recently, a gym class was interrupted 8 times due to a helicopter flying over the school ground. Can this be a regular day in a country not in war? Is this allowed in USA? I cannot suppress my anger with the US military.

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