Nov.2:Motobu Municipal Office Not Accepting the Use of the Port

(In Front of the Gate) 

Yesterday, the Okinawa Defense Agency submitted the application to the Motobu Municipal Office for the permission to use Shiokawa Port for sediment loading, but the Mayor did not accept the application, because the Port’s sea-bank was damaged by the typhoon. This situation will create a great impact on the progress of the landfill construction, because it has earlier been decided that the sediment for Henoko is to be transported by sea from Shiokawa Port after the completion of the embarkment wall.

This news was welcomed with happy applaud by the people in front of the Gate. “Typhoons were on our side! Let us support and encourage the Mayor not to allow usage of the Port easily!” says Hiroshi Yamashiro. Keiko Itokazu, Members of the House of Councilors, who participated in the sit-in since 8 am, also made a speech and said “The Abe Cabinet is full of contradictions. Because of you all working hard on site, we, parliament members, can also work hard up to the task.” There are 50 participants sitting this day.

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