Nov. 1: Preparation Started to Bring the Landfill Equipment and Material into the Site

(In front of the Gate)
Yesterday, the notice of suspension of the revocation of the landfill permit was delivered to Okinawa Defense Bureau. The landfill works could resume at any time. People were started coming in from all over Japan. The number of the sit-in participants, 35 at 9:00am, increased to more than 100 in the afternoon. Reporters from several major Japanese mass media companies and some of those from Russia were covering the site.

Mr. Yamashiro gave a speech in front of the Gate, “Let us turn our energy spent on anger against Abe Administration into the power to support and encourage Governor Tamaki! The Administration made the members of his own administration to play an irregular game of suspension”.


Mr. Kitaueda Tsuyoshi, a civil engineer, explained the problems that the Defense Bureau must resolve before resuming the landfill works, and concluded that there were so many problems that building the new base would not be completed. His speech uplifted our spirits.
After 3:00pm, they started placing green nets on the Gate fences and moving ton-blocks by crane. They probably would let the trucks with landfill soil to go through the Gate.
Abe Administration does not take any notice of the will of Okinawa, and has treated Okinawa as if we were a pushover with contempt.


(On the Sea)
Impending resumption of the landfill works, 3 protest vessels and 16 canoes were out to protest. We went closer to protest to a boat that was placing the floats, but were caught by the Japan Coast Guard. There was no float to restrict trespassing, yet they tried to restrain us, which was outrageous and we protest. The picture below shows rubber boats of the Japan coast Guard chasing our vessels.

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