Nov. 3: “Stop the landfill works!” One thousand people shouted in unison in the rain

(In front of the Gate)
The 1st Saturday of a month, the day of Intensive Action, for November happened to be a national holiday. In spite of the rainy weather, more than the usual number of people gathered by the Gate. Although the result of the latest election confirmed the will of Okinawa to oppose the construction of the new base, Abe Administration continues to resume the landfill works. That seems to have mobilized the people’s anger to protest in force. By 10:00am, approximately 1000 people gathered.
Three members of the Diet made the status reports: the Prime Minister Abe only repeats that his administration would stand by Okinawa and explain the situation in detail. All three members agreed that it is nothing but a lip service only.
Learning the report that Shiokawa Port was damaged by the latest typhoon, and that the town mayor turned down the request by the Defense Bureau to use the Port, the audience cheered.
“Stop construction of the new base!” The participants strongly and loudly confirmed the resolution in unison in the rain, and the gathering was adjourned.

(On the Sea)
Due to the bad weather, the Defense Bureau did not proceed the landfill works on the sea. The picture shows the yesterday’s work of pulling out the floats that would serve to designate the restricted area not to allow trespassing on the sea. The work proceeded under the protection of 16 Marine Guard boats.

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