Apr 4 (Thu): 7 banners and a tent were stolen in Awa and Takae, respectively. / Rocks were dumped with a roar into the sea at the K8 seawall.

(In front of the gate)
About 40 protestors started a sit-in at 8:30 in the morning. They were removed in several minutes and detained in a makeshift detention place by the riot police. Mixer/dump trucks continuously entered into the gate. Construction of the seawall seemed to be performed at a fast pace. The officers of the Okinawa Defense Bureau cried from the military base, with a microphone in hand, “The vehicles are passing. It is dangerous to stand in front of the gate. Please step away from the gate.” As shown in the picture below, female employees were pulled into the site. They might be also “Uchinanchu (Okinawans)”. They must have heard from their grandparents or parents something about the cruel war or military bases in Okinawa. They saw, without moving, the protesters who were removed. Their apologetic eyes were impressive.


(On the sea in Oura Bay)
2 boats and 8 canoes went for protest. One of the canoe member says, “Today, rocks were dumped into the sea at the K8 seawall again. A roaring sound was resonating in the clear sky. I hate to see the scene. I cannot stand still, imagining that small coral reefs must be alive also in this shallow place. I saw the dumping, sticking to the float. I am simply sad. They are trying to construct a military base for wars by destroying precious coral reefs. I will never forgive the government of Japan that does such a foolish thing.”


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
A small number of the citizens protested against the construction all day. 490 dump trucks delivered soil/sand. Two carriers left the pier.

It was clarified on April 3 that a monitoring tent and portable toilet, used by the residents in Takae who have continued the protest movement against construction of the U.S. military helipads for years, were removed by the U.S. marines. This happened at the side strip of the prefectural road in front of the Northern Training Area. One of the citizens says with anger, “We have continued our protest movement here for years. This area is not owned by the U.S. marines. It is prohibited to remove personal belongings without announcement or permission.”
7 banners and 37 flags possessed by the citizens protesting against the construction of a new military base, which were shown in front of the pier in Awa and Motobu-cho, were removed by someone ten days ago. These are placed at a public area, but removal of personal belongings is obviously an act of stealing. The theft was reported to the police at once. The security guards of a private corporation are supposed to stand at the entrance of the pier all night long. The theft was committed in front of a security guard so a culprit should be immediately identified, but the police is reluctant to take action. The picture below shows a banner placed at the entrance of the pier.

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