Jan. 9 (Wed): Thirteen Canoes Stopped the Carrier Boats Leaving the Pier

(In front of the Gate)
In order to gather the protest force to Ryukyu Cement Pier, only 5 persons were left for the sit-in protest. Approximately 200 truckloads were delivered here today.

(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier)
From 9:00am, a little over 60 people gathered in front of the gate leading to the Pier to delay the delivery of the landfill soil and sand. The delivery trucks came often; however, because of the protest demonstration and the traffic lights, only one or two trucks could go through the gate per 2 minutes. At the peak time, 120 people demonstrated in protest and got the riot police flustered.
The canoe members from Henoko stayed with the loaded carrier boats and prevented them from leaving the Pier for 3 hours. The protest members on the beach called out encouragingly, “Keep it up!” and “Don’t give in to the Marine Guards!”. Those on board 13 canoes and 2 boats waved their hands in response.
Approximately 450 truckloads were delivered to the Pier today.


(On the sea)
No protest demonstration was made at Ohura Bay because the focus of the protest activities was moved to the Pier in Awa.

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