July 17 (Wed): The protest continued in the scorching sun./The protestors had a meeting with the prefectural government, pursuing a problem with the use of the pier.

(In front of the gate)
The Upper House election is now in full swing. There were not so many people gathering in front of the gate that day because most are probably acting for the election. About 20 protestors began sit-in in front of the gate for construction in the hot sun. After a while, 4 concrete mixer trucks arrived and inexplicably, entered the base via the main gate 100 m away from the sit-in place, not with the riot police deployed. Vehicles for construction are not allowed to enter the base via the main gate, the one for the U.S. Marines. They returned to the gate for construction after a moment, meeting with the protest of the citizens. What was the riot police doing ? They were finally positioned 10 minutes after that, starting their usual removal of the protestors. The riot police must also be tired due to the hot weather, losing their grip.
The material was delivered three times by 106 vehicles. Typhoon No.5 is approaching Okinawa. The work will be discontinued for a while since tomorrow.


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier)
Together with the members in 10 canoes, the people conducted the protest both on the land and sea. Just after 9:00 am, Mr. Tetsumi Takara, a candidate for Upper House election at the Okinawa’s electoral district, visited the gate for encouraging the protestors. He is squarely fighting against the construction of a new U.S. military base, as a constitutional scholar, so he must defeat his rival candidate, recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party, who obviously pursues the construction of the base. This is surely a big election affecting the future of the problem of the U.S. military base in Okinawa. People involved with the protest against the construction of the military base are very busy every day, doing the protest during the daytime and acting for election at night. Only three days remain for the election. We will do everything we can and wait for a voting result.
The carriers were loaded with the soil/sand delivered by 501 dump trucks and three carriers set sail for the Oura Bay. The canoe team delayed the departure of the third carrier for about one hour. No soil/sand were delivered at Shiokawa Pier this day.


Negotiation was performed at the prefectural office for complaining of the abnormal security using a net at Shiokawa Pier and demanding a review of the permission for temporal placing of soil/sand within the establishment of Ryukyu Cement. About 70 citizens gathered at the lobby of the prefectural office, and 20 delegates had a meeting with the prefectural government including the head of Department of Environmental Affairs and the head of Executive Office of the Governor.
Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro showed practically that the employees of the Okinawa Defense Bureau are taking command of the removal of the citizens and that there is a risk for washout of the red soil from a temporal place for soil/sand, demanding the control via administrative guidance. And he requested them to perform guidance not orally but by document and to take measures with a strong attitude, such as cancellation of permission for the use of the pier, if the Okinawa Defense Bureau does not respond to them within a deadline.

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