Dec.17 (Mon): Ignoring the Laws, Carried Out the Landfill Work by Force

(In front of the Gate)

No delivery by dump truck was made.

(On the sea)

The landfill soil and sand loaded on the carrier boat were transferred to 10 ton dump trucks during the morning. However, due to strong winds in the afternoon, the activities on the sea were cancelled.

(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier)

From 7:30am, dumping landfill soil and sand was resumed. Approximately 50 trucks made many round trips between the Pier and a quarry and delivered 400 truckloads. A giant belt conveyer moved the loads to the end of the Pier to be transferred to 2 carrier boats. Approximately 50 people gathered in front of the Pier and kept loudly speaking up protest slogans to the trucks making deliveries, the impassive guards, and the workers on the site.