Aug. 30 (Fri): From Waseda University, 12 Students joined us in Front of the Gate / US Military Helicopter Dropped a Window Frame Again

(In Front of the Gate)
From Waseda University, 12 members of a student activity circle visited us in front of the Gate. Prior to their visit to Okinawa, they studied about Okinawa. After visiting various war memorials in Okinawa, they came to Henoko feeling that “they absolutely must see Henoko”, and were talking earnestly with Okinawan. We recently meet more young people like them. I am glad and hope that more people will come and see with their own eyes what is going on before believing what is said on the internet, which is sometimes fake.
Today, only 15 people participated in the sit-in. Dump trucks and concrete mixer cars made 152 deliveries.

(On the Sea by the Pier in Awa)
As was yesterday, one boat and 12 canoes went out on the sea and under the Pier to prevent the cargo ships leaving the Pier. They tied themselves to the net so that it takes time to remove them. The Coast Guard had to remove them one by one, and it took about one hour to remove all the protesting boat and canoes.
Two cargo ships left by early evening. The picture shows the Coast Guard untying ropes.

(Protesting In Front of the Pier)
All day long, approximately 30 people kept on rallying. Due to a traffic signal, only one vehicle can go near the Pier at every several minutes. In the heat, we took turns to stand in front of the Gate. Deliveries were made until 7:00 p.m. in order perhaps to accomplish the delivery norm for the day, and 546 truckloads deliveries were made.


We have an action plan to be executed in October. We ask people to join us for 5 consecutive days to largely delay the construction work. This will be the 2nd of such action since June in last year. When 500 people gather, no delivery of earth and sand can be executed. And no delivery for 5 days will paralyze the construction work. Approximately 2 months before October 21. Our executive committee has been working hard to reach all over the country to send invitation to join us.

A US military helicopter CH53E that dropped a window frame onto the ground of an elementary school in Ginowan City 2 years ago in December, dropped a window frame again on 29th. About 1 kg onto a point approximately 8 km off the east coast of Okinawa Island. The US force informed the Okinawa Prefectural government 2 days after the incidence, and the said helicopter has been active in training activities since the time of the incidence. The Government of Japan requested the US force to make reports immediately and take measures to prevent reoccurrence of such incidence, but did not request to have the said helicopter grounded. Such way of dealing with the incidence, I am afraid, leaves a risk of recurrence.

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