Jan. 15 (Wed): Found that the technical advisors for the new base construction in Henoko received contribution from the contractors / 50 people rallied on land and sea in Awa

It was found that 3 members of the “Technical Advisory Committee”  the new base construction in Henoko received contribution from the contractors. Three out of 8 members of the Committee were confirmed to have received monetary constribution of JPY1.2-3.0 million, and remaining 5 members have not been cleared or been under investigation.

The Defense Bureau set up a Committee lat September that would provide expert advice on the civil engineering matters. However, a half the Committee members are ex-employees of the Ministry of Transport (current Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tranportation), and their neutrality has been in question. The advisors approved the major changes in the construction plan without a question in last December, and gave a “go” sign to the construction. In response to an inquiry made by a reporter, the Defense Bureau stated, “We do not think that the monetary contribution affects the review and discussion of the advisory committee.”

The advisors in the Defense bureau’s employ would only smooth the way for construction of the new base. In the days when the top of the country uses politics for his own benefit, it is only reasonable that the subordinates follow suit. When a head goes bad, so does the tail.


(In front of Camp Schwab Gate)
Approximately 35 people resumed the sit-in from 8:30am. Women folks made the rally lively with songs and speaches. The riot police members could not swiftly start removing the protestors but were listening to the speaches and protests. It seemed that they were listening to their mother. They looked docile. Rather than the male voice in anger, the warm voice of women seems more persuasive. Finally, they started under the comand of the leader to remove the protestors. Even after having been removed and the trucks entered through the gate, the protestors rallied on.
Deliveries were made three times the day, and 161 truckloads in total were delivered.


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
Approximately 40 members of Okinawa Peace Forum rallied in two groups; one at the entrace and the other at the exit of the pier. Eight cars of GoGo Drive campaign members drove up and down the highway to prevent the trucks coming out of the pier.
A man who could be a member of the Defense Bureau was standing among the protestors and talking into a loud speaker, “Do not come close to the trucks!” A member of the Defense Bureau does not have a right to come out on a sidewalk and cotrol the citizens as a policeman does. It is in violation of the law, but the objection to a Bureau staff was ignored.
The canoe team with 11 canoes went to the pier and stopped the cargo ships from leaving the pier for over one hour. A white heron was flying over the beach.

(In front of Shiokawa Pier in Motobu Town)
A small number of protestors, only 8, rallied all day long. We counted the number of attendants; 80 civilian security guards and 20 policemen. But they amount to quite a few million yen per day. The fact is that as long as the contruction work goes on, most likey to be more than 10 years, the cost will incur and be accummulated, which makes me very angry.
The reclamation work continued past 7:00pm, and 380 truckloads of earth and sand were loaded to 2 cargo ships.

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