August 4 : large protests to prevent the installation of the landfill

(In front of the gate)
There were no deliveries of construction materials. Because there is a large assembly in front of the gate on the first Saturday of each month, the Defense Bureau gave up on deliveries from the start. Even so, around 40 people conducted a sit-in in front of the gate beginning from the morning, and passed the time enjoyably by singing songs and giving speeches. Many expressed their fury at the request for delaying the hearings that was submitted to Okinawa Prefecture by the Defense Bureau, calling the actions of the Defense Bureau “unspeakably underhanded”.
If the hearings are delayed, the shipments of earth will continue. The leader of the protest in front of the gate, Hiroji Yamashiro, said, “No matter what happens, all of us here must stay together and maintain our firm intention to prevent this base from being constructed”. His statement received an explosive response.

(Marine protests)
August 4 was the date set for large protests to prevent the installation of the landfill. More than 100 persons set out in 6 protest boats and 43 canoes for a marine protest. 20 canoes crossed the floats and headed for the construction site but were immediately detained by the Coast Guard. After being released, they crossed the floats a second and third time, but were detained each time. The participants several times shouted protests at the workers. When the number of canoes is large, a variety of strategies are possible.
A protest assembly was held on Henoko Beach starting from 13:30. 300 people gathered and expressed their anger at the delay of hearings that was requested by the Defense Bureau. The marine protest members who have seen the seawall construction progress day by day could not conceal their frustration. A kite chain bearing wishes for peace was flown in the sky above Henoko. Next week, more support from all around Japan is expected.