August 7: Okinawa Defense Bureau Refused to Accept the Protestors’ Request on August 8th

(In Front of the Gate)
Upon receiving the previous night’s news that the Prefectural Government refused to accept the request from Okinawa Defense Bureau to postpone the hearing, many protestors gave welcome speeches. Today being the 3rd day of the Intensive Action and Meeting, the representatives of four organizations gathered and insisted again that the Governor should immediately revoke the approval of the reclamation permit. No sign of bringing in landfill material to the site. Approximately 250 persons sat in front of the Gate and cheered up the protest by song and dance.


(Okinawa Defense Bureau)
Meanwhile, at Okinawa Defense Bureau, approximately 70 persons gathered early in the morning to hand deliver to the Bureau administration the request not to postpone the hearing, but in vain. They sat in around the entrance hall until 3:30pm, during which a skirmish continued between the protestors and the Bureau staff and guards.


(Action on Water)
Three vessels and 15 canoes were on water to protest. Approximately 60 persons participated during the day. Leveling the top of the seawall was confirmed to be in progress.