August 10-some interview by major media companies after the death of the governor Onaga/public hearing on the matter of incident of overturning protest boats

( in front of the gate)-250 people started sitting down at 9 am though they knew there would not be a dump truck dumping dirt. Some people made a speech never to give up stopping the construction of US base. Japanese national defense bureau paying no attention to Onaga’s death, they continued getting ready for dumping dirt. Some major media companies from the mainland came for collecting articles on the situations between the protestants and the administration over Henoko US base. There were about 300 people singing, making a speech, and cheering each other around noon. The people were getting ready for the coming typhoon on the following day, taking away the sheet covering the tent. They have much typhoon in Okinawa this year. That is the fourth typhoon.

( the protest on the sea) There was no protest on the sea. About 50 people from the mainland were led to the seawall on 2 boats in the morning and after noon. Some media companies from the mainland came for the interview. Number of people went to Naha district court for hearing the trial of the protest ship love-ko overturned by Japan coast guard two years ago. It couldn’t be denied that the coast guard overturned the ship on purpose: they must have known the ship would be off balance because it was overloaded but they got into the boat anyway. The captain and the crews suited the guard and have been asking for state reparation.