Dec. 19 (Wed): In Front of Ryukyu Cement Company, 200 Protesters Gathered

(In front of the Gate)
After 6 days of no delivery, three times today, a total of 271 truckloads of mixer cars and macadam were delivered.

(On the sea)
Two boats and 8 canoes were out on the sea to protest and confirmed that the soil and sand shipped out of Awa Pier were unloaded on K9 seawall and that the soil and sand were transferred from the carrier boats to the barges.

(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier)
From7:30am, the dump trucks loaded with landfill soil and sand went to the Pier one after another. By 5:00pm, a total number of truckloads was 483. Several tens of people stayed protesting all day long.


(Protest in front of the Ryukyu Cement Co. headquarter office)
Approximately 200 people including some members of Nago Shima-Gurumi Conference gathered in front of the headquarter office of Ryukyu Cement Co. to protest. Mr. Inamine Susumu, the former mayor of Nago City and the representative of the said Conference, tried to hand deliver a written request to stop delivering landfill soil and sand to one of the Company’s executives, but a Company staff refused to accept the delivery, saying that they could not respond. Mr. Inamine insisted the Company to behave like the first class company and accept the request. The protesters welcomed with cheers the speech made by Mr. Yamashiro Hiroji that “let us keep protesting until we meet a Company executive face to face to deliver the will of Okinawa people”.

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