Jan 16: “You are late to come!”, Mr.Yamashiro scolded the Diet members.

(In front of the gate)
Though an intensive action is scheduled every Wednesday, most protestors went to Awa to join the protest movement there, so only 14 left in front of the gate for sit-in. 300 vehicles entered the military base, dividing into three times. 70 vehicles, loaded with 1 m crushed stones which will be used for the base of a pier, also entered the base.

(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier)
Almost 100 citizens came one after another and demonstrated at the entrance of the pier. No vehicles but only one could enter the site every traffic light change for about four hours, resulting that only 166 dump trucks could enter the site, less than one third the number of those which entered the site on the previous day. “The more we come here, the less dump trucks enter the site. We feel confident about our action, don’t we?”, said Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro. Every time a tour bus passed by, a passenger who seemed to be a high schooler, waved his/her hand. The team members of the three canoes fastened the soil/sand carriers with rope, preventing them from leaving the shore for three hours or more. This day, the protest movement could dramatically delay soil/sand transport, both at land and on the sea, together.”

11 Diet members visited the site. They listened to the explanation on illegal soil hauling. With a microphone handed on, Mr. Yamashiro scolded the Diet Members, saying “You are late to come! Please look at the real situation. The sea is being filled with red soil day by day.”

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