Aug27 – 1513 days have passed since people sat down for protest

( in front of the gate ) -The most important event Obon to Okinawan people was ended, so they sat down for protest once again. 20 people sat down at 9 am. Even though they sat down in the shade of the fence, the sun was strong. The heat from the pavement absorbed the heat was extreme . Exhaust fumes raised the temperature too. Some people from the mainland made a speech of how nonsensical and absurd Abe administration was. The number of the people sat down was small because they helped for the coming election campaign, however there were always people in front of the gate for protest.

(protest on the sea)-There was no protest. The protest is planned only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week due to the upcoming election of Nogo city Councillor, which meant a great deal to Okinawan people. The election date is on September 9.