Sept. 21st: Campaign Defectors Came to Meet Us

(In front of the Gate)
At 9:00am, 15 people started sit-in, and the number of participants increased to 35 including those who came from the mainland to reinforce the campaign effort.
Four members of Soka Gakkai which supports the opponent in the upcoming election came to the Tent, “We are sorry, but we still support Deny.”
Komeito, once a peace loving political party that had opposed construction of the new base, changed its policy for the upcoming election, which sent a shock wave to its support organization, Soka Gakkai.
Peace vs. a military base, directly opposed ideas. What happened to the principles of religious men? Considering the fact that the number of Soka Gakkai’s vote in Okinawa amounts to 100,000, Komeito’s policy change is a threat to us.
The gathering adjourned before noon to join the campaign.

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