Sept. 8th: 14 Students visited us from Hebrew University in Israel

(In front of the Gate)
At 9:00am, twenty people started the sit-in. About 10:00am, fourteen students from Hebrew University in Israel came to visit the Tent Village, where approximately 80 people enjoyed the gathering. They came to learn what the life dominated by US bases is like through their own observation and experience in Okinawa. They visited Katena Base and were surprised by its unexpectedly large size. The audience was surprised to hear their speeches given in fluent Japanese. At noon, the gathering was adjourned to attend the upcoming campaign for municipal council election.
Upon revocation of the permit for reclamation, Okinawa Defense Bureau started bringing ashore the dumping soil boarded on 6 vessels anchored in Motobu Harbor.
Yesterday, 133 informed non-Japanese persons issued a statement to support the action of Okinawa prefectural government to revoke the permit. Such statement issued by a group including well-known wise men as Oliver Stone and Noam Chomsky, greatly encourages Okinawa. Seventy-two Japanese also issued the similar statement. More people are expected to support our action.