Sept. 13th: Mr. Tamaki Deny, the Gubernatorial Candidate Recommended by “All Okinawa Coalition”, Visited Henoko

(In front of the Gate)
On the day of public notification of gubernatorial candidacy, 12 people started sit-in in front of the Gate at 9:00am. By 2:00pm, the number of people increased to 250. Approximately 30 media representatives were also present. Mr. Yamashiro Hiroharu gave a strong supportive speech, “This very spot, in front of the Gate, is where the protest movement started. Each one of us gathered here pledge that we shall do our best for Mr. Tamaki to succeed the late Governor Onaga!”
Deny replied, “My father is an American, and I have every right to speak up to the President Trump. No new base is allowed!” The audience welcomed the speech with cheers. An election campaign car going all over Okinawa stopped at the Gate to make an appeal to young people on behalf of Mr. Tamaki.
A short three week fight to determine the future of Okinawa began today.

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