Jan.8 (Tue): 550 Truckloads Were Delivered to the Pier

(In front of the Gate)
Forty people including 19 members of Peace Forum in Kyushu sat-in; however, no delivery was made in the morning. Hurriedly we went to Awa Pier where the landfill soil and sand are shipped out. At the gate leading to the Pier, we called out aloud to the trucks and the fellow demonstrators, “Do not dump soil and sand into Ohura Bay!” and “Do not make our children cry over destroyed Bay!”. We did slow down the deliveries, but the deliveries were continued for all day long, and the number of deliveries totaled 550 for the day.


(On the sea)
Two boats and 7 canoes went out to the sea for protest demonstration and confirmed that the landfill soil and sand loaded in the carrier boats were transferred to the barges equipped with a rampway. The landfill soil and sand loaded on the barges was obviously red clay which is forbidden to be used for landfill. It is in violation of Okinawa Prefecture Red Soil Prevention Ordinance, and clear to everyone that the destruction of the Bay is imminent.


(International movement to signify for supporting Okinawa)
The last day to give your signature in the website “to stop landfill in Ohura Bay” which Mr. Rob Kajiwara initiated. Synchronizing with a demonstration meeting held in Hawaii, a demonstration meeting was held in front of the US military headquarter in Kita-Nakagusuku from 15:00pm. Approximately 130 people gathered including many participants from the mainland Japan.
“Hawaiians support us earnestly. We must try harder.”
“Rob, Laura who has encouraged people to sign up, and Ryuchell, thank you! Let us express our sincere gratitude for giving courage to Okinawa!”, spoke Mr. Yamashiro Hiroji, and all of us danced with the “Victory Song”.

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