Apr 15 (Mon): A U.S. navy sailor killed a Japanese woman again./A proposed ban on drone flights aims at its application to drone operation in Camp Schwab?

(In front of the gate)
A murder of a Japanese woman by a U.S. navy sailor, followed by his suicide, in Chatan town the day before yesterday, got the protestors in front of the gate into a pensive mood. Any causes have not been clarified yet, but Uchinanchus (Okinawans) did not know what to say about felonies which will be repeated as long as the U.S. soldiers are staying in Okinawa. And as usual, in front of them, large U.S. military vehicles passed in a roar. Although about fifty persons protested, 223 vehicles delivered the material through the gate.


(On the sea in Oura Bay)
One boat and 8 canoes went for protest. Crushed rocks were deposited, using a crane, in the sea at the K8 seawall, and soil deposited at Area 2. The protestors tried to approach the working site beyond the fence, but immediately detained by the Coast Guard officers


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
15 citizens continued the protest all day. 665 dump trucks delivered soil to the pier. They assumedly tried to make up for the delay because soil could not have been delivered due to recent unsettled weather, resulting that the number of the delivering vehicles reached a record today.

On April 13, the dead bodies of a woman and man were found in an apartment in Chatan town. A 32-year-old U.S. navy sailor killed a woman and himself. While the prefectural police is conducting the investigation, considering the incident as a double suicide, fear and criticism against the U.S. military is being increased in Okinawa due to the repeated murders by the U.S. soldiers. Denny Tamaki, Okinawan governor, called the top person of the U.S. military in Okinawa to the prefectural office, and made a severe protest against the crime, referring to a violent murder committed by the U.S. civilian employee three years ago.

(Passage of a draft revision on drone operation)
”A draft of the law controlling drone operation” that prohibits drone flight in the sky over the U.S. and Self-Defense Forces bases was passed in the Committee on Cabinet of the House of Representatives. The Shinzo Abe regime aims at its passage during this session of the Diet. For the U.S. military bases, this law will apply also to the training water areas, and therefore, drone operation will be prohibited over almost the whole seashore area of the Camp Schwab. When a flight is required in the sky over the relevant area, the consent of a person managing a relevant institution (the commander of the military base in this case) will be required, restricting, by substance, greatly the news media’s covering activities. It can be obviously said that the aim of the Abe regime speeding up the passage of the bill is to obscure the situation of the landfill at the Camp Schwab, making it invisible to people.

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