Apr 13 (Sat): The K8 seawall was extended to 115 m in length./The spawning region of the sea turtles disappeared.

(In front of the gate)
No materials were delivered. 90 protestors, including visitors for help from the mainland, enjoyed singing and speeches at the tent village.

(On the sea in Oura Bay)
3 boats and 12 canoes went for protest. Work with a crane was recognized at the K8 seawall. Estimated from the number of the blocks set, the length of the K8 seawall seemed to reach about 115 m. However, it must take more time from now because the sea becomes increasingly deeper. Transshipment of the soil/sand loaded on the barge to the construction vehicles was performed at the K9 seawall. The protest was discontinued because the waves became high in the afternoon.


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
No soil/sand were delivered.

It was clarified that the spawning region of the sea turtles, extinct species, had disappeared due to the construction of a new military base. Both of the loggerhead and green turtles recognized in Oura bay are extinct species requiring protection. However, construction of the seawall that has started since last year made it virtually impossible for the sea turtles to get on shore or lay their eggs. The Okinawa Defense Bureau has taken measures, including arrangement of the environment for the turtles so as to be easily spawned on the nearby beach, but no spawning has been observed on the beach for now. As well as in the case of dugongs, the survival of the sea turtles is also threatened by construction of a new military base.

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