May 15 (Tue): Today is the Day When Okinawa Reverted to Japan / The former Mayor Inamine Susumu of Nago City Says that Okinawa Has Been Excluded from the Basic Human Rights and the Pacifism

(In Front of the Gate)
On May 15, 47 years ago, Okinawa reverted to Japan from American military occupation. In front of the Gate and the Pier in Awa, it was reminded in the speeches. At the time of reversion, American bases occupied 28,700 hectares, and 18,500 hectares now in 2019. Approximately 30% were returned to Japan; however, of all American bases in Japan, about 70% are in Okinawa. Setting aside the issues of Japan US Security Agreement, everyone agrees that such situation is abnormal. Noise pollution, military aircraft accidents, crimes committed by American soldiers, all caused by the existence of the US bases. In addition, it is a common knowledge that American bases are the greatest obstacle against economic development of Okinawa. May 15 is the day to reconfirm these facts.
Over 30 people rallied today, and the protest calls were louder and clearer today. Three time a day from the morning through the afternoon, 309 truckloads deliveries were made for the new base construction.


(In Front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
Wednesday Intensive Action. Under the strong sun, approximately 80 people rallied against the dump truck deliveries of earth and sand. The former mayor Inamine Susumu of Nago City spoke in anger.
“After 47 years later, the basic idea of Japanese constitution does not yet apply to Okinawa. Okinawa has been excluded from the basic human rights and the pacifism.”
Paying attention to drink enough water and take turns to rest, the protest rally continued from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Although we could successfully reduce the number of deliveries in the morning, 493 deliveries were made today because the delivery work continued to after 6 p.m.
Ten canoes gathered around the Pier and stayed close to the cargo ships to delay the ships’ departure. Two cargo ships left for Oura Bay in the afternoon.

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