May 23 (Thu): In Font of the Gate, 152 Truckloads Delivered / Protestors, Although A Small in Number, Rallied All Day Long

(In Front of the Gate)
In the Morning, 140 protestors including the members of Medical Services Union and some groups from Tokyo, rallied in front of the Gate calling out aloud.
“Stop the illegal construction!”
“Don’t destroy the sea!”
Approximately 60people tried the sit-in to block the trucks, but were removed within 20 minutes by the riot police force.
Three times a day, 152 truckloads in total were delivered to the base.

(On the Sea in Oura Bay)
Four boats and 4 canoes went out to rally on the sea. At the site of k8 seawall construction, one scoop of a crane lifted and dropped 10 tons of crushed stones into the sea. A great splash of water flew up and a roaring sound went over the water for each drop. At K9 seawall, earth and sand carried from Awa were moved to the depositing area.
Four canoes tried to go over the fences and were detained by the Coast Guard for a while.


(In Front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
Under the hot sun, ten people rallied.
Most of the trucks making deliveries to the Pier do not carry a spare tire as the trucks to Camp Schwab do not. Without carrying a tire that weighs about 100kg, are they trying to carry as much earth and sand as possible within the designated weight limit? It does not seem to be a violation of any law, but won’t it present a problem in a long distance transportation when a tire gets a blowout? Here at the Pier, it is only a several kilometers, but the transportation to Camp Schwab is over 30 kilometers.

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