Nov. 2 (Sat): The 1st Saturday Intensive Meeting attracted 1000 people who pledged “to unite with non-ruling parties to overthrow Abe administraiton

It was the day of the 1st Saturday Intensive Meeting in front of the gate of the Camp Schwab. Because of the shock of the Shuri Castle fire and the hope for the Castle restoration, a large number of people from all over Okinawa came here to meet. By 11 a.m., approximately 1000 people gathered. Four Diet members from Okinawa Prefecture and Mr. Yamamoto Taro who stirred a “ Reiwa sensation” in the election of the House of Councilors in July were present and received a large applause.

Speaches on the recent issues were received with enthusiasm; such as, ‘two cabinet members resigned within a short period of one week due to a suspision of violation of the general election laws’, and ‘the introduction of private-sector English proficiency testing for university enrollment was delayed by the combined efforts of the non-ruing party members and citizens.’
A member of Shimagurumi Motobu made a detailed report on how the loading operations at the pier in Awa and in Shiokawa were stopped successfully last week for a whole week long. His closing comment, “When a large number of protestors come togather, the construction work can be halted. Let us be confident and unyielding,” received a large applause.

The speaches made by the members of the Diet or the prefectural assembly were fervent and well-received by the audience.
“The construction of the new base in Henoko got too many problems and should be halted, and the freed-up funds should be used for the Shuri Castle restoration and to help the recent typhoon victims.”
“It is likely that more Cabinet members might resign. Who is the next one to resign? If the prime minister sincerely feels responsible for having appointed those inept persons to his cabinet, he should immediately lead the general resignation of his cabinet.”
“Let us restore democracy! Non-ruling parties shall unite to overturn the current cabinet!”
It was decided that a fund-raising campaign be started at the tent village and that an additional monthly intensive meeting be held on the 3rd Thrusday starting November.

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