report on August 2- We shall overcome US base

(in front of the gate)-A week has passed since the prefectual governor Onaga declared revocation of approval of embankment. The number of the people come to the gate for the protest from the mainland was 50 in the morning and this number has been increasing since the declaration by Onaga in spite of the intense heat and of the high travel cost. They have come here for the critical protest starting from August 6.The riot police forcibly removed the people one after another as usual. 179 dump trucks with sediment passed through the gate at 9:10 am, 146 dump trucks with sediment passed through the gate at noon while 110 people tried to stop them, and 140 dump trucks with sediment passed through the gate at 3 pm. Most of the people for the protest are old. They are old enough to know what had happened during the world war two in Okinawa and how horrible it was. They never want a war happening in Okinawa. They never want a base that could become a target if a war break out. They shall overcome US base.



( report on the sea) There was not a protest on the sea due to the bad weather condition. Some parts of the embankment was opened, because of provision for outward flow of red clay, or because of the embankment being on the process on the left side. Transplant of coral reefs has been completed by the national defense bureau.(picture on top, July 25)
The embankment was identified to be almost completed at 4 pm. It seems the whole embankment has been completed by now. The time is now 4:17 pm.( picture on the bottom)