Aug16 – Students of the University of California visit Henoko for on-site study

Since Aug. 13th, monday, the funeral day for governor Onaga, the trucks bringing in construction materials stopped coming to the gate. Japanese Government seems to be afraid that its aggresive way of construction may give the negative effect on coming gubernatorial election. What it minds is only about the election. However, embankment work progresses seadily at sea. The first day of the two days(17,18) for larger meeting in Henoko, though it was worried that protesters will be less due to the informatino of no trucks to stop, over 200 people gathered in fron of the gate from early morning. Speeches went on doing honor to governor Onaga’s memory and expressing the strong will to realize his wishes. Mayumi Kawaguchi, a popular singer at the gate, sung the song zealously “We won’t give up!” Seventeen students from the university of California interviewed the people sitting in. They spoke “American people don’t know that the US government forces its military base on Okinawa against its will. We’d like to consider the military base’s negative effect on Okinawa.” “If the Japanese government builds its military base in the U.S., I’m sure US citizen will get mad.”


(Protest at sea)
Since the 13th, due to the heavy seas caused by typhoon, there has been no protest by canoes.