Nov. 24:The Future is in the Tears on the Cheeks of the Youth

(In front of the Gate)
A little past 9:00am, a notice came, “The trucks are coming to day”. We hurried to the Gate in the rain. The riot police vehicles and 4 buses with semi-cylindrical roof were by the Gate as usual. Since we had informed those concerned with the protest in front of the Gate that no load was expected for the day, only 10 people resumed the sit-in today. Approximately 40 truckloads were brought in. Two women from Tokyo; one 24 years old and the other 26 years old, joined the protest in front of the Gate in Henoko for the first time. Their fresh sensitivity brought tears on their cheeks. The maximum number of participants today was 20.
Those in blue raincoat were guards on pay, those in dark blue raincoat were riot policemen, and we were in white raincoat.


(On the Sea): Protesting only in the Morning
At 8:30am, 2 boats and 11 canoes went out to protest on the sea. Due to a bad weather, the protest activities were made only in the morning.
Approximately 20 people participated. Presumably to cope with a typhoon, the contract workers were removing the already set-up floats off the sea.

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