Sept. 19th: Reinforce Election Campaign

(In front of the Gate)
At 9:00am, 15 people started sit-in, and the number increased to 35 by noon including the campaign-reinforcing helpers from the mainland. At noon, the gathering was adjourned to join the gubernatorial election campaign.
The campaign caravan reached Ginowan city at 2:00pm. Stationed by a supermarket, the caravan invited voters to show their support by pasting seals and discuss issues on hand, and distributed promotional leaflets. Although it is the home of the opponent, the voters’ response in general was good. Weathering out high temperature, the caravan stayed here for 3 hours to appeal for Tamaki Deny.
Media research reports predict a tight race, and the outcome depends on daily campaign activities. We should not be defeated by those who try to influence business companies in order to secure votes by the power of money and the Diet members.

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