Sept. 20th: A Rally for Mr. Tamaki Deny, the Gubernatorial Candidate

(In front of the Gate)
At 9:00am, 15 people started sit-in, and the number increased to 50 including those who came from the mainland to reinforce the campaign effort. At noon, the gathering adjourned to join the election campaign.
“A Rally for Tamaki Deny” was held in Nago city early in the evening. Approximately 420 people filled a small hall. The candidate Tamaki Deny spoke strongly, “The upcoming gubernatorial election is to protect the human right of Okinawan people, municipal governance, and life environment. We cannot be defeated by a candidate who spreads groundless rumors via internet.” A Diet member representing Okinawa followed, “The opponent is trying to influence the votes to be casted prior to the duly scheduled date. We will make our best effort in every way to increase our share of votes.”
The rally was closed by trice chanting, “Fight!”

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