Oct. 25: A Trumpet Blows Soaring into Blue Sky

(In front of the Gate)
An excellent weather with blue sky. At 9:00am, under the comfortable sun, 20 people resumed the sit-in. Many individuals and groups who came from the mainland to join the sit-in spoke up to share their thoughts. Angry statements were made against the Abe Administration that their countermeasure to cancel the revocation of the permit ignores the laws in effect. A call was made, “Justice is on our side. We must have more people join the protest to stop the construction of the base.”
About 10:00am, more than 60 people were about the Tent. One with a trumpet played many pieces about Okinawa, and the clear sound of the trumpet soared into the blue sky.

Scores of people were canoeing in Ohura Bay where the floats were removed. They seemed to enjoy the waves.

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