Nov. 26:The Protest in Henoko of Okinawa Extends to the World

(In front of the Gate)
At 8:30am, approximately 50 people resumed the sit-in. Three times a day, a total of 137 truckloads of landfill material were brought in today. Mr. Inaba, returning from the “International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases” held in Dublin, reported that “The protest movement at Henoko in Okinawa against US military bases is getting more widely known to the world. Many people at the Conference sought us out to talk”. His speech uplifted the spirits of the protesters. An Israeli residing in Japan also made a comment.
The picture shows an officer in command of a riot police unit, the guards removing water tanks, the riot policemen at work, and the sit-in protesters practicing Yoga to relax.
The maximum number of participants today reached 70.


(On the Sea)
Due to a bad weather, the protest activities on the sea were cancelled.

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